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Published: 22nd November 2011
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In The Night Garden toy.

In the night garden has turn out to be a hit TV show for preschool kids all over the world, and has a collection of lovable and interesting characters. This BBC kid's show initially aired in March 2007 and was an immediate hit with kids in between the ages of one and five. There were 100 episodes planned and features a combination of puppets and actors in costumes.A lot of merchandise and In The Night Garden toy products was designed to go with the show.

The characters in the TV show are brilliant, and engage little ones in a fun and learning manner, without realizing that they are being taught. In the night garden features a group of brightly colored characters with entertaining and amusing names. These characters live in the woodland, which is made up of bright flowers and massive daisies. Every single aspect of the show is created to catch your kid's fascination and ensure that they stay watching the TV.

Every single episode of In the Night Garden begins with a different child in bed, with a narrator that introduces the episode. The first character that is usually seen is Igglepiggle who's one of the favorites of the TV series. As he rows, his boat to the Night Garden the story and the fun starts, and the other characters arrive. At the end of the show, the magic gazebo appears and the characters can usually be seen singing and dancing below.

Igglepiggle is the main character; he is blue, cuddly with bright red hair. He is at all times full of energy and laughter. When Igglepiggle gets thrilled, he will generally throw himself on the floor in fits of laughter, and can ensure to bring a smile to your kid's face. This character is the most inquisitive and is constantly exploring the Night Garden. Igglepiggle is constantly seen with his red blanket, and he likes this for comfort.

Upsy Daisy is the colourful doll in the TV series, with her bright strips tights and colorful hair she is extremely well-liked with little girls. As soon as Upsy Daisy gets thrilled her bright hair stands on end, and her skirt turns into a tutu. She is a incredibly loving character and is often observed blowing kisses to the other characters, and to the viewers at home. Upsy Daisy enjoys to sing and dance in the show, and will have your kid up and moving in no time.

Makka Pakka is loved by absolutely everyone, as he is the smallest and cutest bear that you will see. This character lives in a small cave in which he keeps his assortment of pebbles and stones. Makka Pakka likes to maintain the Night Garden clean and tidy, and he travels all around ensuring that it is perfect. He also washes the faces of the other characters using his small sponge and uff-uff dryer.

All of the characters are fantastic, and your kid is bound to have their favorite one, and will want In The Night Garden toys and game titles relating to the In Night Garden series. There is many different In the Night Garden items to select from, depending on the age of your little one. You may also want an Igglepiggle toy for them to snuggle up to, or a dress up Upsy Daisy to love. What ever you decide on, there is lots to choose.

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